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What Is Dental Bonding?

Utilizing composite resin, which is also used in composite fillings, dental bonding offers a solution to shape and rebuild teeth. The technique called Bonded Restoration enables the repair of chipped, cracked, or broken teeth, bringing them back to their original state, and with regular care, this restoration can have a long-lasting effect. Furthermore, dental bonding serves as an excellent cosmetic option for enhancing the beauty of a smile by reshaping teeth, addressing colour concerns, and closing gaps, eliminating the need for veneers or orthodontic procedures.

The Dental Bonding Process

Whether you’re seeking dental bonding for restorative or cosmetic purposes, the process follows a uniform approach. Let’s explore what you can anticipate during your dental bonding appointment:

Getting The Tooth Ready

First, your dentist will insert a dental matrix, a thin plastic film, between your teeth to act as a protective barrier for the neighbouring teeth during the process. This precautionary measure prevents any stray preparation gel or composite resin from affecting the adjacent tooth. Next, your dentist will proceed to carefully clean and dry the specific tooth and then apply a mildly acidic gel for a brief duration, allowing the bonding material to adhere effectively to the roughened surface.

Applying The Composite Resin

After removing the acidic gel and ensuring the tooth is fully dry, the dentist proceeds with applying the composite resin. To create a finish that blends in perfectly with your natural teeth, the dentist carefully selects a resin colour that matches. Layer by layer, the composite resin is applied, and each layer is cured using a unique blue light, guaranteeing optimal strength and durability.

Final Touches

With a careful check of your bite and the required refinements in place, your dental bonding procedure is successfully completed. As a final embellishment, the dentist will skillfully polish your tooth, achieving an exquisite and lifelike appearance. You might even find it challenging to discern which tooth underwent the bonding treatment. For your convenience, we will record this procedure in your chart, and during your upcoming dental check-ups, the dentist will pay special attention to the bonded tooth, ensuring its longevity and condition remain impeccable, and any wear and tear are promptly addressed.

How Does Dental Bonding Processes Work?

Tailoring your teeth restoration or smile enhancement to your preferences involves exploring a multitude of options. The most suitable solutions will be personalized according to your unique dental requirements. During your appointment, we will be pleased to delve into a comprehensive discussion about all the available options, carefully examining the merits and drawbacks of each, empowering you to arrive at a well-informed and conclusive decision. On that note, let’s explore some of the advantages of dental bonding:

Quick and Painless

While dental fillings and veneers commonly necessitate drilling as part of the preparation process, dental bonding follows a different approach. Typically, only a small amount or none of your natural tooth needs to be removed for dental bonding, making the procedure almost entirely painless.

Lower Upfront Costs

It’s essential to consider that the cost of dental treatments can vary based on the extent of the procedure. For more extensive options like dental veneers and orthodontics, a higher price tag is justified, given the need for personalized treatment plans to achieve significant transformations. Conversely, when minor changes are required, focusing on just a few teeth, dental bonding emerges as a straightforward and cost-effective treatment choice.

Great For Small Repairs

This point deserves repeating: those seeking substantial smile makeovers can find immense value in opting for a comprehensive treatment plan involving dental veneers, crowns, or orthodontics. However, for minor changes, rest assured that dental bonding stands as the simplest and most convenient solution at your disposal.

The Cost Of Dental Bonding In Mississauga

Determining the exact cost of dental bonding can be challenging due to its diverse applications. To offer a more precise estimate, we need to understand your specific requirements and conduct a comprehensive examination of your teeth. As a general guideline, dental bonding typically ranges from $300 to $600 or more per tooth without insurance coverage. Fortunately, most insurance companies include dental bonding in their plans, particularly for restoring broken or damaged teeth. With insurance, your out-of-pocket expenses are usually around $60 to $120.

Several key factors influence the cost of your dental bonding treatment, including:
  • The number of teeth that necessitate bonding.
  • The requirement for new x-rays.
  • The amount of composite resin needed to complete the treatment.
  • The location of the affected teeth within your mouth.
  • Your overall oral health condition.

Please be aware that providing an accurate quote over the phone is not feasible. We invite you to visit our office for a comprehensive examination, during which we can furnish you with a precise quote in person, allowing you to make an informed decision about your final costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The longevity of dental bonding is influenced by various factors, including its exact placement, your dietary habits, and how diligently you maintain your oral hygiene. On average, dental bonding can last approximately 4 to 10 years or even longer. As part of your regular dental examinations, your dentist will examine the bonded area for any indications of wear and tear. If required, they can add more composite resin to reinforce the bonding and ensure its continued strength.

Although bonding is not classified as a permanent option, its longevity is remarkable. With diligent dental care, a healthy diet, and regular check-ups, dental bonding can withstand the test of time, lasting well beyond a decade. In the event of any wear and tear, restoring the bonding’s strength is easily achieved through the application of additional composite resin.

Dental veneers and dental bonding are two distinct procedures with unique attributes. Dental veneers provide a superior long-term solution, making them an excellent choice for patients seeking more extensive or dramatic smile enhancements. On the other hand, dental bonding offers a more budget-friendly option for minor changes, even though its durability is shorter. Additionally, dental bonding’s minimally invasive nature preserves more of the natural tooth, ensuring a less intrusive experience.

The risks associated with dental bonding are minor, considering the procedure preserves the majority, if not all, of your natural tooth structure beneath the bonding material. Any instances of bonding chipping or breaking can be easily addressed through repairs. One common concern raised by patients is that dental bonding doesn’t lighten when subjected to teeth whitening. To achieve a consistent colour, you can opt for teeth whitening before undergoing dental bonding or replace the bonding material after teeth whitening to match your newly brightened teeth. For those seeking a more robust and long-lasting solution, dental veneers or crowns are viable alternatives worth exploring.

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